Honkajoki Church


The construction work of Honkajoki Church began in 1804, and the church was completed and dedicated in 1820. Honkajoki Church, also called Alexander (referring to the then Grand Duke of Finland, Czar Alexander I), was designed by Mr. Salomon Köykkä-Köhlström, from southern Bothnia. Mr. Köykkä-Köhlström, who was acted as the supervisor of the construction work, was famous for numerous Finnish churches he had designed.

The subject of the altarpiece in Honkajoki Church in "Jesus in Gethsemane". It depicts Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane. Behind Jesus, one can also see figures of the sleeping Apostles. The altarpiece was painted by Mr. J.G. Hedman in 1856. The insides walls of the church were painted by Mr. Antti-Kustaa Rönnlund in the same year.

The present organ was built by Hans Heinrich's organ works in 1981. Its action is mechanical and it has pipes in 16 registers.

Honkajoki Church has been renovated several times until now. A major renovation was carried out in 1959-1960, the outside walls were repainted in 1987, and the inside walls were restored in 1989.

Honkajoki parish was originally a part of Ikaalinen parish and later a part of Kankaanpää parish. The parish gained its independence in 1891. The parish was called Hongonjoki until 1952, when it took the present name. The total number of members in Honkajoki parish was 1632 at the end of 2009.

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Pictures: Seppo I. Myllyviita